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My Money Story || Emotive Echoes || by Anika, copywriter

Do you know that everyone has something that could be called their money story?  It comes from many different places and is made up from situations and circumstances that you may or may not have any control over.

For me, I, unfortunately, had a very negative money story growing up.  Not only did I think that I was unable to look after money and sort it out, I believed that my counting and adding abilities were useless so there was no point in me even trying to count money and set up a budget.

But this is not true!  I have much more ability than I believed I have.  Money is not the scary thing to hide away from and not pay attention to – if you want to be profitable, it is completely necessary!  Not facing money issues doesn’t stop them.  You have to face them and deal with them.

And this is the time of year where everybody has spent money for family and friends.  Some people spend more than they think they have done.  Others go into debt thinking that they will make everybody happy by what they spend.

For me, before I changed my money story, I hated Christmas and the amount of money I thought we had to spend to make others happy.  It didn’t seem to matter what I spent, I never (or I think I never, because sometimes you only see things in a negative perspective) got it right.

It wasn’t just Christmas for me that was the issue.  Spending money in general was the issue.  I hid against any knowledge of exactly what was (or wasn’t) in my account and was basically terrified to discover how negative my money story actually was.  And I know that lots of other people do that too.

When I moved to Scotland, my money story began to change.  I had help to get my budget sorted and some of my debt written off.  But I still remained scared of money and that didn’t change.  My budget was still not great and I thought I wouldn’t be able to count so I  hid from the knowledge I needed to change my money story.

I have been up and down with depression and anxiety and they are two nasty friends to live with.  And they enable you to hide from your true money story.  I have been working to try and get more positive about money and life in general.

The other day I said to myself that I refused to live in the negative state about money.  It was time to change it and get things sorted.  And when I determined this, I discovered my story turned upside down.  Why should I live believing a lie?

Now I have discovered that looking after your money is a joy.  You don’t have to live in a negative state terrified over finances.  They are just another thing that can be altered so that you can live life to the full and not worry about them.

And what better time to start this than the new year that is coming up?  Yes, you can change things around for yourself and your family and change that negative perspective.  It doesn’t have to be scary.  Your money story is worth turning upside down and having a positive rather than negative perspective on.

So come on, join with me.  Let’s make an impact in ourselves and our community and change our money stories.

Have you felt the echo yet?

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  1. Anika, Well said -It’s a timely reminder as lots of folk are scared of the bills that will start coming in. A positive look at it.

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