You may have noticed I have been MIA recently but I am back properly now and I will be writing for coaches or people who help clients who have self-esteem and self-confidence issues.

I enjoy writing and have done so since my teens. It always gives me a buzz and a deep feeling of satisfaction inside. None of it has been as enjoyable or fulfilling as that before I met Cathy Hilton and helped her sort her LinkedIn profile out. It was a tremendous joy to find that I saw what she had written and instantly knew where she needed to make changes. She had asked for help in a Facebook group and I contacted her and showed her how to adjust her LinkedIn profile and did another two articles for her.

In writing for other business sectors, I have discovered there is no other group that I enjoy as much or that has given me the same sense of satisfaction than writing for coaches. I believe what made it more real for me is the fact that after speaking to Cathy on facebook messenger, I could tell EXACTLY how she would write it and the bonus is helping other individuals.

Contact me here or on facebook for further information.

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