Struggling with the Thought of Success

The last few weeks I have found it difficult to get writing. I just felt down and like I had no inspiration whatsoever. Admittedly, I was trying to get everything done in the house and with Johnathan. All the while Kevin had the flu, but that wasn’t the only reason.

In fact, I had stopped responding to most outside stimuli. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in that place where everything just seems like too much to do, but there isn’t any particular reason for you feeling like that? That was what it felt like.

Anyway, I was truly grateful to Ian Pownell for waking me up and getting me to the place where I realised it was just me getting in my way.

I had a fear of success.

I thought that maybe my whole character would change if I had money and I would become another person. Problem is, I couldn’t recognise it for myself.

The truth is that many people feel the same way. And it gets in the way of us doing what we were meant to do. I believe money is not there as an evil thing to turn you into a monster who takes it and keeps it and tries to get everyone else’s money as well as your own.

You may have lived with someone that had a terrible money story and this has coloured your view of money because you don’t want to be like that. And it’s ok to change your money story. You don’t have to be stuck with someone else’s.

If you take the time to acknowledge what is really going on here, you would see that really, you are not going to become a money monster. You can begin to tell yourself something different because that’s ok and give yourself permission to make that change.

Just remember you are an individual and can transform your belief into new neural pathways in your brain and start believing something else.

Yes, you might be bothered by the old thinking once in a while and that’s ok. You just tell yourself that you are changing it to something else.

Money in and of itself is not wicked. Success is a good thing. You wouldn’t ascribe evil to a chair or table. would you? It’s the person holding the purse strings that make it good or bad. What do you think?

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