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The Importance of Confidence

The importance of confidence. Something we don’t often think about, but it can really change things for a person. If you’re not confident, it can cause you so many problems.

Fact is, if your confidence is low, it impacts everything you do.

I have a friend who used to find it really difficult to speak up in business meetings because her confidence was so low. Now it may not necessarily be a business meeting that you have a problem with, but that doesn’t mean you find it easy to express your opinion in every situation you encounter if you find it hard to be confident.

One of the issues can be that if you are unable to put forward your opinion and discuss it, this could impact your business life because people won’t know what you can do. They can pass over you when they are looking for someone to promote because of it.

For me, in the past, I have found my confidence to be a real problem.

I couldn’t go driving to strange places because I didn’t trust myself to get there in one piece. When I first came to Scotland, I got lost a few times and it really scared me. I lost my confidence in my ability to find new places and ensured that I had someone with me. This gave me a problem because it certainly curtailed my life and if I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, I was stuck.

So you can see that if you don’t have confidence it can impact you in many different situations and circumstances.

I went to counseling for 10 years to get me to a place where I was confident and capable of facing life in every area.

Now I am at the stage where I can live life without the support of a counselor in the background. Living life to the full because you have the confidence to do it is extremely important. It gives you the ability to shine and show others just how great you really are at the things you do. It has made me able to begin building a company alone and I even went to a networking meeting where I didn’t even know anybody.


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