Calculated Risks

When thinking about confidence, there is an inner glow that comes with it. My son struggles with confidence but in the graduation from nursery in the summer not only did he go and get his certificate from Sandra who had helped him in the last year, he even had the presence of mind to bow to the audience!

Now that, I feel, is a great deal of confidence because not only did he bow to everyone but people laughed in a kind way as they were clapping him. What he took was a risk, yes, but not a big one. You see, you can take a situation and be prepared to be different or make a difference because you are certain of what the outcome is going to be.

These risks are calculated ones.

Knowing exactly what is going to happen gives you the confidence to go ahead. There are times in life when you take a risk with not much forward planning. And that’s because you have the courage or confidence or whatever you call it to go out of the ways of everyone else in your industry to become a trail blazer and change things around.

Taking bigger risks without knowing precisely what will happen doesn’t come cheap. But sometimes in business, they are inevitable.

You can’t develop yourself and your business without taking calculated risks.

And any business that doesn’t build itself and change itself is not going to maintain custom. There was a Christmas shop Kevin and I visited in 2010 and we went back five years later to see what had changed and the woman was there in the place with a small white Scottie dog. We went around the store, but everything was the same! Nothing had changed…and the lack of clientele told the story immediately. I actually asked the woman why she didn’t have different things and she said that people had liked what she had in the past.

But that was in the past!

She hadn’t moved into the future. People need to see change and things that are different. So take a risk but do it with full confidence that you know exactly what you are doing. Confidence and courage to know that you can make changes and it will be ok.

That’s where we are and what I believe we should do.


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