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The Importance of Confidence

The importance of confidence. Something we don’t often think about, but it can really change things for a person. If you’re not confident, it can cause you so many problems.

Fact is, if your confidence is low, it impacts everything you do.

I have a friend who used to find it really difficult to speak up in business meetings because her confidence was so low. Now it may not necessarily be a business meeting that you have a problem with, but that doesn’t mean you find it easy to express your opinion in every situation you encounter if you find it hard to be confident.

One of the issues can be that if you are unable to put forward your opinion and discuss it, this could impact your business life because people won’t know what you can do. They can pass over you when they are looking for someone to promote because of it.

For me, in the past, I have found my confidence to be a real problem.

I couldn’t go driving to strange places because I didn’t trust myself to get there in one piece. When I first came to Scotland, I got lost a few times and it really scared me. I lost my confidence in my ability to find new places and ensured that I had someone with me. This gave me a problem because it certainly curtailed my life and if I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, I was stuck.

So you can see that if you don’t have confidence it can impact you in many different situations and circumstances.

I went to counseling for 10 years to get me to a place where I was confident and capable of facing life in every area.

Now I am at the stage where I can live life without the support of a counselor in the background. Living life to the full because you have the confidence to do it is extremely important. It gives you the ability to shine and show others just how great you really are at the things you do. It has made me able to begin building a company alone and I even went to a networking meeting where I didn’t even know anybody.


Business Tips

Gaining Confidence in Business

Confidence is important in everything you do, but you don’t always have that confidence. And that’s ok, but if you want to develop and grow, you need to believe that you can do it.

Sometimes I lack confidence in myself to achieve something.

At that point, I go back to the saying “I am good enough.”

Remember there is a full stop at the end. It means you can’t say “except for….” – it’s done. That’s it. You are good enough.

I think that confidence and belief are pretty much entwined in many ways.

If you are unconfident, you will not believe that you can achieve whatever it is that is there in front of you. Starting a business is a scary prospect for anyone. You have many fears and uncertainties as you enter into a new world that yes, maybe you know a little bit about, but you don’t understand everything that will be thrown at you.

Suddenly you feel you need to be about six people at once and learn everything there is to know about creating a business. Having confidence in a situation like that is not easy.

But you can believe that you can do it and create the business you want, in your own way and be confident that you can do so. Finding confidence in the situation can be difficult but I know that it is possible to do so.

Believe in yourself and your abilities and you can succeed and you will.


Business Tips

A Quick Business Lesson from the Dentist’s Office

I had a bizarre experience with Johnathan that quickly turned into a small business lesson.

We went to the hospital dentist. Oh, you say, well that’s an ordinary thing to take a child to the dentist. And yes, we go to a hospital one for myself and for him.

Anyway, we went in through the main doors into the reception. One of the ladies said she would take us down to the waiting area. So she opened the first door with her card, and suddenly disappeared! Not knowing what else to do, I kept on going to where a seating area was. We had been there for 20 minutes. I thought that was more than enough time for us waiting without an explanation. So I went to the only room I had seen someone come out of, although I knew she was one of the hygienists. And she sent her nurse to find out. What happened next, to me, was a bit astonishing. The nurse came back with the dentist.

They apologized for what happened. She then said that it was impossible to tell the reception staff anything but the receptionists hadn’t even told the dentist we were there!

Now, one thing here is that the dentists and receptionists appear to have a different idea of how the department should be run.

And this is not how a business should be.

To leave someone in a corridor and not even let the dentist know we had arrived was very unprofessional of the receptionist. And for the dentists to know that it isn’t even worth talking to the receptionist shows the vast impasse between them. And to exhibit for all of this to a client was totally unexpected.

Now, I would never expect to be treated like that. After having been in a chair outside for a few years now, I can’t remember one incident of this happening before.

The Business Lesson

So when you have your clients, please make sure you show them the way to go and don’t leave them stranded. And if you do have differences within the department, don’t let them be seen outside the doors.