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How to Choose a Content Writer

There are many things to consider, but I just want to bring up some three things that really are a must in making the decision in a content writer.

The first thing is, you need to like what the content writer writes.

Look at the style of the writing. Would it be something that you would like to represent you as a person? Is it couched in the language you might conceivably want for your own posting? If it isn’t, then that’s the first sign they’re not right for you.

And you know what?

It’s OK for a content writer to not be for you. They are all individuals and want to write for people in the style that suits them best. And nobody will be offended if you don’t like their particular style. So please don’t let that worry you.

The second thing is, you need to be sure the content writer is aligned with your values.

What do you hold to be the most important thing in your business? Is that the kind of thing they would subscribe to as well? Can you see something that tells you their values? You see, if your values are not aligned with each other, then you could find it very difficult to get the right emphasis you would love in your writing. Your values need to be portrayed in the copy you produce.

And finally, the best thing to do is to have a conversation with your potential content writers.

This is REALLY important because it is in this communication that you and they discover if you can actually work together. There are differences in character that you find you can and can’t work with. And it gives them the opportunity to discover if they can work with you, too.

So here are three things that I would advise you to take notice of if you are wanting to work with a content writer and for them to provide either a one-off piece or continue to write your copy for the future.

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Video Chat: Why It’s Important in My Process

It can seem unusual for a writer to want to have a video chat before they do work for a client. But actually, it is a necessary part of my process. I am a creative person with many different sources of creativity.

You see, the major part of what I do is give you a voice and copy your authentic voice in my writing. If I don’t have a visual image in my mind of not only what you look like but your sound and intonations and inflections in your voice, I cannot write in your authentic voice.

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How I Find Your Voice through Video Chat

To me, this is the main crux of what I do. If I cannot reproduce your voice in writing, I feel that I have not completed the task to the best of my ability. What causes me the greatest joy is to see the look on your face when I have done the job I set out to do. (Just like when I showed off this Artist Statement.) Your true, authentic voice needs to be reproduced by me and I KNOW that I can do it if you provide me with the information I need and I can see who and what you are through this video chat.

Visual cues are the way I work. They have been the way I could study and produce the standard of expertise I have uncovered. Writing isn’t just about putting some words together. It’s about writing the right way FOR you and your audience.

I am not the one that needs to be expressed in your writing. In fact, my personality and mannerisms need to disappear if I am to do the copy you need the way it is meant to be done.

But I need to have the visual and audio cues to be able to complete work for you.

So if I am working for you and I ask you some questions or say I need a video chat with you, this is essential for me. So if you want me to work for you, please remember that there are things I need to know even though they may not be used in the final copy.

Until next time….

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Working from home

Working from Home || Emotive Echoes || by Anika, copywriter

I have been working from home and finally got a couple of paid jobs I have completed and enjoyed them thoroughly because they were so different!  The first one is someone who wants to help people get their confidence and self-worth back again.  The second one was an artist so the variation was the best thing about the two jobs.

Working from home is not always easy.  There are distractions and needs not only for yourself but others around you whether they be human or animal.

Also, there are other considerations to be made – like what space will you work in?  Because not everyone has space to create a study for themselves.  Some people are fortunate enough to have a spare room and if not, they need to consider exactly where they will work and where all the equipment or paperwork will go.  Can they get a corner of a room sorted?  Or work on the dining room or kitchen table.

For me, there was no other option than to work from my bed or chair.  So I needed a comfortable way of working with an iPad on my lap and we had to try a number of different solutions until we discovered and bought the Brydge 9.7.  It is SO comfortable and steady on my lap!  Not too heavy but sturdy enough to withstand sudden dog, cat or child attacks.

I am looking forward to working on more exciting projects where I can learn something about different subjects.  So if you have a project that you need some writing done for, do please send me a message.

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Interview with DeAnna Hill

Interview with DeAnna Hill || Emotive Echoes || by Anika, copywriter

I thought it would be interesting to post some questions and answers from different entrepreneurs once a month to show you what the life is like and why people choose to go down this route.

DeAnna Hill is the first person I have questioned an her life as an entrepreneur.

What job did you do before you started your entrepreneur journey?

I was in vacation rentals in a secretarial position. I absolutely loved everything about it! Meeting new people from all over the world was absolutely amazing!

Did you find it scary changing to working for yourself?

Oh, very scary. I decided to stay home with the birth of my youngest child three years ago. I am one of those who will go through worse case scenarios and research so much before I take the full leap. However I decided it was what I had to do.

How long did it take before you started to earning money in your new role?

This question is always fun because for the first few years of my blog I never tried to make an income, I just truly enjoyed what I was doing. So all in all I’ll say it took about 3 years with all of that.

Did you start out as a blogger?

I did! I actually started as a mommy blogger. I just wanted to connect with people and share experiences. I never intended to gain a big following or partner with businesses to make an income. My blog is now called because I found that branding my name gave me the freedom to evolve as I needed.

How did you become an influencer?

Honestly, I’m not sure. It started with just sharing my blog in Facebook groups and other websites. I was just connecting with people. Then I was reached out to by companies that wanted honest reviews and I decided just to go for it and try it out.

What other streams of income do you have?

I am currently partnered with a direct sell company as well as an affiliate for several other companies.

Did you find it odd having money coming at different times of the month?

Not really, it’s like Christmas multiple times a month.

How do you handle fitting in a working life with young children to look after?

It’s hard. I work around them. My family always comes first. However, I’ve always been a night owl and do a ton of work after they are in bed. I also work a lot from my phone and that is great because I can fit in work here and there as I go.

Were your husband and friends supportive of your new ventures?

Oh yes. My husband and my friends have always been super supportive. However I have a rule I do not “sell” to my friends. They know what I do. My husband helps with the kids. My friends help with telling their friends but truly to them I’m just DeAnna.

Is there anything you wish you had known before you started?

Yes, just to follow your gut and do it. I wish I would have known how you must always put your business as a priority. You can’t just expect people to find you, you have to work it.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start out on the entrepreneurial journey?

Drop the excuses and be true to you. I had a hundred and one million reasons why it wasn’t the right time to start or how I couldn’t do it. Turns out they were just ways to make me feel better because in truth if you want something bad enough, you’ll get it. However, you have to be willing to put in the work. It won’t be quick or easy but it is always worth it. Always always always, be true to yourself. Don’t go against your beliefs or values just to make a buck. It’s not worth it. Always focus on building relationships instead of a quick sale.

Thank you so much DeAnna for answering these questions.  I and my readers really appreciate it.

If you want to discover anything else about DeAnna or what she does, you can find her at

Website // Instagram // Website Facebook  // Natural Edge Beauty

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