Working from home

Discovering a Hidden Allergy

I had a problem the other day – an allergy to playdoh! Now, seriously, this is not something that I think you would expect to happen, is it? It’s a child’s plaything, something that helps build their muscles for writing. Something that almost every child either has, sees and uses in someone else’s house or has access to in a playschool/nursery/school setting.

Basically, it’s around, isn’t it?

Well, a few months ago, I realised that I had a problem with both gluten and dairy. And, I needed to come off them to improve my quality of life. This wasn’t entirely unexpected seeing as I had many problems with them years ago, but I had got better and assumed I wouldn’t have any difficulty with them again. This, combined with some other things I have done, has begun improving my health dramatically.

Two Christmases ago, I realised that Johnathan’s bowel problems needed a dramatic solution. They were overtaking our lives so I took him gluten-free and within three days he was fine. However, around the same time, we discovered there was gluten in playdoh. And, I thought washing his hands when he was done would be enough to sort the allergy.

So quite honestly, although the thought in my mind was I needed to wash my hands afterward, I was not expecting an allergic reaction to playing with it with my son.

Suddenly, my whole body felt like it was on fire.

My hands were burning, itching and in tremendous pain. My face was swelling and I had only been playing with him for about five minutes! I called Kevin, he took my trousers off, went outside to cool off and went into our bedroom, taking a piriton tablet and getting my body to relax after the event.

There was no need to panic, I knew exactly what to do and could do it.

I am sure you have had situations in your work life where you could panic and that really is the initial response, but you can move to deal with the situation instead. Sometimes you need help doing this and that’s ok. Don’t get stressed if you do but just find the support you need and accept it.