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Be your own voice.

Be Your Own Voice and Be Authentic || Emotive Echoes || by Anika, copywriter

Do you know that it’s not always easy to be your own voice?  There are so many different people on social media and online saying that if you copy their formula that you can have what they have too.  If you are in the same line of work they do, this does work to a certain degree.

But do you know what?  If you follow their voice and systems to the letter and you aren’t like them, you are not being your own voice or authentic in everything you write.  Yes, the formula could be the right one for you to use and that’s great, but you need to do so in a way that brings your voice, your personality and your offerings to others.

I thought I was fine and I knew all of this so I wouldn’t do it.  But I wasn’t getting any work – well, I got one free job after MONTHS of nothing and I couldn’t work out what I was doing wrong.  I wasn’t buying books and copying what others did, or reading their information online.  I was “only” doing what my coach told me to do.

A number of times Kevin (my husband) found that some of the technical things I was being told to do just were not possible for me to do in that way.  And eventually, I saw that I was following a formula that I was being TOLD and it just was unable to work.

You know what?  Don’t get me wrong.  I think coaches that do their job in the right way are great.  I know some others, and they are fantastic people.  A great coach knows how to draw you out and help you to understand what will work for you.  They don’t expect you to follow their formula in the way they became a success.

Once you realize that you are an individual and will get results when you use your authentic voice, things will begin to change for you.  Authenticity in every area of your work begins to bring business in for you. I couldn’t understand what was wrong in myself but now I know and it has transformed my working life.

Part of being your own voice is understanding and knowing what it is you want to work as.  As soon as I began to be authentic in every area, I began to get some jobs.  This past week has been an eye-opener for me in many ways.  I was in hospital and (as usual – or so it seems to me) I end up discovering new things.

There is a Facebook group I am in Manifest Success and Tracy Roberts asked me what my niche was.  So I started with what I thought it was, then I outlined the 4 jobs I had and suddenly realized that my (new) niche was money.

This really stunned me as I had always been told that I was no good with money and that maths was a totally closed book to me.  As I started to write about this revelation, I discovered a fire and passion within me that I have never known before.

So being my own voice was what I discovered I needed to be and uncovering it was the essential part of what I was missing in business life.  You may be missing any part of authenticity and until you find it, you won’t become the success you want to be.

Discovering your niche is a big part of it, but also being open to opportunity and when you find what REALLY lights you up, going for it with all that you have.  Look at people’s formula if that is part of what you actually are as a person but don’t use it exactly the same way as them because it won’t work.

Listen to your heart and your intuition in whatever way suits you best.  For me, this means journaling and holding space to find out what it is that lights me up.  I cannot say this is you because I don’t know.  What I do know is that it is right for me.

Have you felt the echo yet?