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Working from Home || Emotive Echoes || by Anika, copywriter

I have been working from home and finally got a couple of paid jobs I have completed and enjoyed them thoroughly because they were so different!  The first one is someone who wants to help people get their confidence and self-worth back again.  The second one was an artist so the variation was the best thing about the two jobs.

Working from home is not always easy.  There are distractions and needs not only for yourself but others around you whether they be human or animal.

Also, there are other considerations to be made – like what space will you work in?  Because not everyone has space to create a study for themselves.  Some people are fortunate enough to have a spare room and if not, they need to consider exactly where they will work and where all the equipment or paperwork will go.  Can they get a corner of a room sorted?  Or work on the dining room or kitchen table.

For me, there was no other option than to work from my bed or chair.  So I needed a comfortable way of working with an iPad on my lap and we had to try a number of different solutions until we discovered and bought the Brydge 9.7.  It is SO comfortable and steady on my lap!  Not too heavy but sturdy enough to withstand sudden dog, cat or child attacks.

I am looking forward to working on more exciting projects where I can learn something about different subjects.  So if you have a project that you need some writing done for, do please send me a message.

Have you felt the echo yet?